Red Hair

Seeing RED

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More fun with the wigs! Sometimes it’s just fun to see that bright red hair I used to have, but with alot less trouble. This one is from and the quality is beautiful! It’s synthetic, but it is really passable for real hair. The color is a deep rich bright red, but not so bright that you’d feel it screams FAKE. I loved that it comes pre-curled and it’s a lace front too!  It comes with a cap, and a cute comb too and box to keep it nice. For mermaid  fun, put in “aimeejadore” in the discount code box at their website to get $$ off.

Ariel is calling!

Let me just say, I am OBSESSED with this redhead I got to do today! Alex and I have been on some fun color adventures, but this glorious Ariel red is one of my top all time favorite reds.   Look at that dimension!  Plus Alex is freaking gorgeous and has such an uh-mazing head of strands… it’s enough to make any hairstylist weep for joy.


Red Hair, Redhead Ariel Hair, Pinterest Hairstylist Aimee J'Adore Aimee jadore Pravana salon before after bright red hair

I wish I had gotten a BEFORE PICTURE!!  Agh!! One of the most horrible things ever!!! But she came in with the faded red we had done last time, and it was not in terrible shape. It had faded of course, to about a level 8 copper red.  She had about an inch of natural growth, a level 5-6.

Because her regrowth lifted so warmly last time, I used an 8R + 8RV PM, and did a partial highlight with 10 vol to brighten the top.  After she was washed, and partially dried, I did a pravana red and wild orchid mixture, allowed to set for 30 minutes, and then wa-laaaaaa!  This beautiful, magical mermaid!