To wig or not to wig?

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One thing I love about wigs nowadays, is that they are getting so REAL looking, that you can really pull off different looks all the time if you want to!  I’ve had a few companies reach out to me to try out their wigs, and I was happy to oblige.  This one is from and this is actually a synthetic wig!  You can actually apply low amounts of heat to it, to style it straight or wavy and it retails for just over $100.  I loved this one in particular just because it’s a natural brunette ombre into blonde, and then into pink! What is not to love??  It’s a lace front wig for the most natural look, and hey, if you decide to wear a cute hat or accessories, it makes it look even more real.  So much fun!

Falling into Balayage

I had so much fun today, seeing this dear girl! Sevda has been a long time client of mine, and she moved away from Portland so I haven’t seen her in a few years.  She was here in town for a baby shower and she really wanted to switch up her hair.

Sevda has a beautiful natural color, so we decided to keep it and add a beautiful golden blonde ombre with balayage throughout to brighten.

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No More Orange Ombres!

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Sabrina – she told me how she’d gone to hairdresser after hairdresser, and had never been very happy with her hair.  She’d been all blonde, and then gone back to her natural black, and then wanted to have an ombre – too much damage and she was just dying to have it grow out and be healthy again! Unfortunately, the “ombre” that was last done on her hair, had not been lifted properly and it was a very orange gold blonde with a very distinct line.  Ombre is a graduated color – never ever a line!

I was so happy that Sabrina saw my instagram page and trusted me with fixing her hair.  This is my favorite thing to do! Transform someone and make them HAPPY!  I love making men and women feel confident in how they look!

Once we talked over all the options, it was decided we would leave as much of her natural hair as possible, to continue with the ombre idea, so that she could grow it out to be perfectly healthy again.  I knew to break up that line of color, I was going to do small, “baby lights” as they are called.  Very finely placed balayage highlights to soften and blur the line of color, while still leaving her natural darkness in place.  To do so, I did some sections with 20+lightener, others with PM 8N+6A, and still others with PM 8CB+6A to really soften that line, cool the color down and blend, blend BLEND.

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Once I was finished with all that, I went back in with mechee papers and 20+lightener to brush on all over the remaining blonde ends to brighten everything to a level 9.  The Before photo really doesn’t capture how much orange/gold there was!!  It was crucial to lighten her hair – very carefully – to get the appropriate level of blonde so that we could tone it to the ash beige blonde she’s always wanted.

Then in the shampoo bowl, I mixed PM UTP+UTA 5vol and left it on for a good 10 minutes to really create the beautiful cool blonde on her.  It looked amazing.  With a new shapely haircut, and a blowout, Sabrina was rocking her new cool blonde ombre!

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Pure Enlightenment – the Balayage Kit 2

You’ve all heard about balayage – it’s that modern, effortlessly highlighted hair that everyone wants.  You read about it in every magazine, “ask your stylist for balayage highlights!”  And as stylists we know, we have to constantly be educating ourselves on the best products for the best results of this sought after look.

When #Pravana sent me their latest collab with Guy Tang (only one of the biggest Hollywood hair guru’s around) I was SUPER excited to try out their new Balayage kit.  #pravanabalayage  – Not only is Guy Tang one of my top 5 stylists I look up to and get education from, but I know that Guy Tang, being who he, would really and truly put his heart into a product that he’s collaborating on.  It’s not just slapping a name on something for him; I know that I can trust that he wants the best ingredients and products for stylists to give to our clients.

Opening the Balayage stylist kit is awesome – it comes with the Pravana Pure Light Lightener, the 3 different developers (Low, Med and High), the Balayage paddle, and 3 different sized brushes (a large, medium and small – small being purrrrfect for those around-the-face-sun-kisses)  Pravana also sent me all the new “Express Tones” toners to create dozens of different effects on the balayaged hair – I was so stoked! Thank you #Pravana !

Why not just use regular bleach instead?  This lightener is wonderful because it has the soothing effects of aloe, plus a keratin protein to help smooth and repair the hair as it’s being lightened.  Plus the most important factor is that this is a clay-based lightener.  When regular bleach lightener is placed on the hair, we have to place it in between foils to keep the bleach wet so that it stays activated.  When it dries out, it stops working.  With this clay lightener, it creates a hard protective barrier around the hair shaft, and actually keeps the INSIDES moisturized and active – without the use of foils or heat.  That’s how we can create the beauty of hand painted highlights, without the cumbersome foils in our way.  Wahooo!

After a few test rounds, I was excited to use the kit on my client Taylor who was coming in for a beautiful blonde ombre.  She said she’d gone to other stylists, but was never happy with the outcome.  She said her hair always came out to orange, or brassy and never bright blonde enough.  I knew hair magic was going to happen!

Once Taylor was in my chair, I could see we had a lot of work to do.  The ends were a brassy orange, the blonde never quite looking “blonde”, and there was 2-3 inches of natural growth with 3-4 inches of a dyed brunette.  To get Taylor to the bombshell balayage look she wanted, I knew I would be using the hairpainting balayage method (see pic to the right).  This would bump her dyed brunette areas to a soft blonde, and her natural growth would bump up just a bit to soften the line.  Then we needed to brighten the bottom to a beautiful beige blonde without causing damage on her previously lightened ends.  You see, it’s not only about creating the look client’s want, but keeping the integrity of her hair.  I wanted to do everything possible to keep all that beautiful length of Taylor’s gorgeous length!

Mixing the lightener to the correct measurements (that is KEY with this clay based lightener), I applied the lightener in triangular sections and using deep v’s of lightener to create the balayage signature look.  After processing for 40 minutes, I applied the Ash and Natural (1:1) Express Tones to the hair to soften her now bright blonde ends to that beautiful beige blonde.  After about 5 minutes, we shampooed, conditioned and dried her to a gorgeous finish.

WHA-LAAAA!  Her hair was balayaged to perfection, these cascading blonde waves saying it all! I loved using this lightener and I will be using it again and again.  Stylists – have you gotten your kit yet and tried it?  Was your experience the same?  Post your comments below!  GIRLS and GUYS! If you want a beautiful balayage experience, tell your stylist they have to get their hands on this!  Send them to my blog to read and see for themselves! It’s awesome!

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