Rose Gold – the IT color for Fall

I’m sure you’ve all been following the unicorn trends – and this fall 2015 is pointing its way straight to ROSE GOLD.  What IS rose gold?  It can’t be too pink, or too gold.  It’s the elusive, most sought after color of the season.  And I got to do it on my client, Nikki today!

rose gold before aimee j'adore jadore

Nikki came in with 3-4 inches of natural hair, having been several months since her last highlight.  Her mid-to ends were a warm golden blonde from all the summer sun.  So I did a full foil highlight with BlondeMe+20 vol, applied in sections from nape to crown.  This is our “mid” photo – I’m so bad about forgetting the “first” photo!

Once we got to this point, it was time to apply the  rose gold!  With Nikki’s hair already being a warm golden blonde, this was the perfect place to layer our rose gold into it.  If her hair was lightened to (say a level 10-12) very light blonde, it would have been too blonde, and not had enough foundation for the deep rose blush we need.  Having a warm blonde base creates the perfect step to rose gold.  It’s GOLD! 🙂

After I shampooed and conditioned, blowdried – we took this pic and then set about the final step.  I used schwarzkopf Igora 9.5-18 with 10 vol for about 20-30 minutes, no heat. Applied scalp to ends, thoroughly!

Rose gold hair aimee jadore j'adore salon portland pravana

Once our time was up, I shampooed, conditioned and blow dried again, a bit of trim, style and BOOM.  This gorgeous blush of the rose! It’s almost blonde in some lights, and in others’ all these rose tones shine!  Have you tried doing a rose gold yet? Leave your comments below!