Ariel is calling!

Let me just say, I am OBSESSED with this redhead I got to do today! Alex and I have been on some fun color adventures, but this glorious Ariel red is one of my top all time favorite reds.   Look at that dimension!  Plus Alex is freaking gorgeous and has such an uh-mazing head of strands… it’s enough to make any hairstylist weep for joy.


Red Hair, Redhead Ariel Hair, Pinterest Hairstylist Aimee J'Adore Aimee jadore Pravana salon before after bright red hair

I wish I had gotten a BEFORE PICTURE!!  Agh!! One of the most horrible things ever!!! But she came in with the faded red we had done last time, and it was not in terrible shape. It had faded of course, to about a level 8 copper red.  She had about an inch of natural growth, a level 5-6.

Because her regrowth lifted so warmly last time, I used an 8R + 8RV PM, and did a partial highlight with 10 vol to brighten the top.  After she was washed, and partially dried, I did a pravana red and wild orchid mixture, allowed to set for 30 minutes, and then wa-laaaaaa!  This beautiful, magical mermaid!

Hello World! 2

purple pink unicorn hair

This being the start to my blog – actually more of a continuation of one I started years ago and then….life and crap got in the way – I’m so excited to share with all of you the tons of tidbits I’ve got roaming around in my head.  Being 10 years in the hair and makeup industry now, I’ve come across a lot of rights and wrongs, and how there isn’t really a lot of the rights and wrongs but so much in between!  I want to share with you all the things I’ve figured out, all the ins and outs of unicorn haircolor and all those elusive tricks to get your makeup to turn you into Kate Moss-perfectly-contoured-strobed-you-name-it-beach-girl-cool.  I’ve taught classes, shared with fellow artists, gave shoutouts to my favorite products on YouTube, Keek (oh dear god don’t look THOSE up) and honestly my favorite thing was being able to share with an individual person, one on one, what brought out THEIR features, what made THEIR magical unicorn-ness shine bright. And THAT’S what I’m going to do for you.  If you come with me on this magical and (rather) snarky journey, I’m going to give you the personal, individual advice, help, and how to’s like a girlfriend would.  Because you know what? I’m tired of girls bringing eachother down. I want to lift them up. I want each of you to know that you all have your own unique beauty about you.  You have something to say to the world.  Whether you say it through your work, or your talents, through your hair or your makeup – YOU CAN SAY IT. And I’m here just to help you shout it out to the world, in any way I can. (naturally if you want to shout it through your hair or makeup or love of dogs #puppiesAreCrack  – or anything Swedish #yepMyBFisSwedishGOBLONDES, – I can REALLY help you there…)

I’ll also be throwing at you the latest color trends, new makeup product reviews (because who can BUY all that stuff just to try it??) and anything that’s going on that’s cool in the hair and makeup world so that you can bore your bf to tears with your magical beauty news around the globe.

Once I get better at video editing, my YouTube vids will be a lot more fun and exciting to watch. Right now it’s like teaching a 4 year old how to count to 3.  So for now, enjoy my rants and raves and let’s start making today a bit more magical. <3