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To wig or not to wig?

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One thing I love about wigs nowadays, is that they are getting so REAL looking, that you can really pull off different looks all the time if you want to!  I’ve had a few companies reach out to me to try out their wigs, and I was happy to oblige.  This one is from and this is actually a synthetic wig!  You can actually apply low amounts of heat to it, to style it straight or wavy and it retails for just over $100.  I loved this one in particular just because it’s a natural brunette ombre into blonde, and then into pink! What is not to love??  It’s a lace front wig for the most natural look, and hey, if you decide to wear a cute hat or accessories, it makes it look even more real.  So much fun!

Falling into Balayage

I had so much fun today, seeing this dear girl! Sevda has been a long time client of mine, and she moved away from Portland so I haven’t seen her in a few years.  She was here in town for a baby shower and she really wanted to switch up her hair.

Sevda has a beautiful natural color, so we decided to keep it and add a beautiful golden blonde ombre with balayage throughout to brighten.

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Wedding Time!

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Believe it or not, summer is not the only time we are thinking about weddings.  Now is the time that all those holiday proposals are being popped, and it’s a good idea to be thinking about booking some of your main vendors if you are deciding to be married in the next 12 months.  Yep!  I’ve had bookings come in a year or two AHEAD, and those are my super organized brides 😉   Don’t stress if you haven’t started yet, but keep these tips in mind – from one vendor that’s been doing weddings for years!

VENUES book out 6 months to a year in advance.  It’s totally cray cray.  So decide where you want it first off.  And keep in mind that you want the space to fit your needs – don’t get some giant venue and pay all the extra money if you end up wanting to keep the wedding intimate.  Think about your budget first off, your wedding invites a bit, and then book that venue first thing!

Secondly, hair and makeup is one of those “hurry and book now” kind of things.  Sure, I’ve done plenty of last minute brides, but I hate turning down brides and there’s only so many places my team and I can be on any given Saturday.  If you are getting married on a Saturday in the high season (June through September) then be SURE to call early and get a trial run in.

I was reminiscing about many of my past lovely brides tonight, and I just love looking at pictures of them.  For me, it is such an HONOR to be a part of someone’s wedding day.  I mean, think about it. You are entrusting me, with how you will LOOK on one of the most important days of your life.  <3 I take that very seriously, and take alot of joy out of making sure everything is perfect for each of my ladies.  It’s an amazing thing, and I feel humbled and honored at each wedding I attend to.  Truly.

My brides are the sweetest, and some have taken the time to write such kind reviews about me working with them on their big day.  Feel free to see more by going to and searching my name, Aimee J’Adore.

I’ll post a few below – love you ladies so much!  so much love!

Meghan said…
Love Her. I had another makeup artist booked months before my wedding, and then ran into some issues and had to scramble to find someone else with less than a month before my date. I contacted several vendors and they were all booked. I am SO GLAD that I ended up finding Aimee, and that she miraculously had an opening for me on my wedding day! I was so stressed with this situation, but the moment I listened to Aimee’s voice mail telling me that she could work with me, my stress started to melt away. Aimee is awesome, so so sweet and she made me look amazing. Also she is fun to be around, and the whole experience was relaxing and just wonderful. I had a trial run, and I was really pleased with the results. I let her know about the few minor changes that I wanted, and so on my wedding day everything was perfect! To be honest, at the beginning of wedding planning I wasn’t sure if getting professional makeup was worth the money. It absolutely was. Not only did it look great, but everything stayed in place ALL DAY, so I didn’t have to worry about my hair or makeup getting messed up during the wedding. Don’t worry about it and just HIRE AIMEE!

Robyn said…
I recently used Aimee’s hair and makeup styling services for my wedding. Aimee styled my hair & makeup, my mom’s hair & makeup, and hair for our officiant, a bridesmaid and flower girl. I absolutely LOVED my hair (intricate yet subtle braided up-do) and makeup, and the others loved their styles, as well. Aimee was very open to feedback and was responsive to different requests. For example, I wanted to wear a specific eye shadow shade I have that I love, and she worked it in. Also, my darling flower girl wanted a specific style (“two braids on the side that come together in the back with curls” and that’s exactly what she got! She encouraged me to be open with my preferences and feedback, both during the trial run appointment and the actual day-of. She took photos and very good notes during the trial run and was thus very prepared to re-create my look. She was prompt and worked quickly yet did an amazing, detailed job for each style. Personally, Aimee is very sweet and has a fun, easy-going demeanor. I know she works with tons of brides every year, but definitely made me like she was focused on me individually, and focused on making me the most beautiful bride ever (and that’s definitely how I felt!) I have already recommended Aimee to my future sister-in-law and highly recommend her to any bride!

Diane said…
What can you even say about Aimee that hasn’t already been said? I mean, this women wins awards for her work, she’s featured on a TV show, she has glowing reviews everywhere…. I’ll start by saying I came by Aimee as a recommendation after having the most traumatizing trial run ever. I left my trial thinking first, if this is what professional bridal hair and makeup look like, this is a joke. And second, I would not DREAM of letting someone touch my hair and face on my wedding day of ALL days! Aimee is a PROFESSIONAL hair and makeup artist. Period. She did my entire bridal party by herself, in record time. As soon as the first bridesmaid came out, we were so in shock that my mom and her best friend pleaded with me to ask if they could get their makeup done, too! One by one she transformed each of us into the most beautiful, tear-worthy versions of ourselves that I have ever seen in my life. Words cannot explain how talented, amazing, skilled, creative, experienced and professionally trained this lady is. I’ve told her this already but she has a god-given gift for makeup – bridal or otherwise. I would have paid Aimee in a kidney if I had to in order to have me and my wedding party look that spectacular on my wedding day. She made my look what it was – I have never felt that beautiful in my entire life and it changed my entire demeanor and feeling about the day. I don’t even have words to describe how amazing I looked and felt and I simply cannot thank her enough! If there is ANYTHING I can share with another bride in PDX to make her wedding day the most amazing day of her life, it’s to go straight to Aimee and let her be your hair and makeup artist. You will probably send me fan mail, flowers, and candy for the recommendation. I am not even kidding. THANK YOU Aimee for the one day in my life I felt truly beautiful.