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No More Orange Ombres!

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Sabrina – she told me how she’d gone to hairdresser after hairdresser, and had never been very happy with her hair.  She’d been all blonde, and then gone back to her natural black, and then wanted to have an ombre – too much damage and she was just dying to have it grow out and be healthy again! Unfortunately, the “ombre” that was last done on her hair, had not been lifted properly and it was a very orange gold blonde with a very distinct line.  Ombre is a graduated color – never ever a line!

I was so happy that Sabrina saw my instagram page and trusted me with fixing her hair.  This is my favorite thing to do! Transform someone and make them HAPPY!  I love making men and women feel confident in how they look!

Once we talked over all the options, it was decided we would leave as much of her natural hair as possible, to continue with the ombre idea, so that she could grow it out to be perfectly healthy again.  I knew to break up that line of color, I was going to do small, “baby lights” as they are called.  Very finely placed balayage highlights to soften and blur the line of color, while still leaving her natural darkness in place.  To do so, I did some sections with 20+lightener, others with PM 8N+6A, and still others with PM 8CB+6A to really soften that line, cool the color down and blend, blend BLEND.

Before, After, Paul Mitchell, Aimee J'Adore, Aimee Jadore, Bronde, Blonde, Ombre, Sombre, babylights

Once I was finished with all that, I went back in with mechee papers and 20+lightener to brush on all over the remaining blonde ends to brighten everything to a level 9.  The Before photo really doesn’t capture how much orange/gold there was!!  It was crucial to lighten her hair – very carefully – to get the appropriate level of blonde so that we could tone it to the ash beige blonde she’s always wanted.

Then in the shampoo bowl, I mixed PM UTP+UTA 5vol and left it on for a good 10 minutes to really create the beautiful cool blonde on her.  It looked amazing.  With a new shapely haircut, and a blowout, Sabrina was rocking her new cool blonde ombre!

Before, After, Aimee J'Adore, Aimee Jadore, ombre, babylights, bronde, blonde

Ariel is calling!

Let me just say, I am OBSESSED with this redhead I got to do today! Alex and I have been on some fun color adventures, but this glorious Ariel red is one of my top all time favorite reds.   Look at that dimension!  Plus Alex is freaking gorgeous and has such an uh-mazing head of strands… it’s enough to make any hairstylist weep for joy.


Red Hair, Redhead Ariel Hair, Pinterest Hairstylist Aimee J'Adore Aimee jadore Pravana salon before after bright red hair

I wish I had gotten a BEFORE PICTURE!!  Agh!! One of the most horrible things ever!!! But she came in with the faded red we had done last time, and it was not in terrible shape. It had faded of course, to about a level 8 copper red.  She had about an inch of natural growth, a level 5-6.

Because her regrowth lifted so warmly last time, I used an 8R + 8RV PM, and did a partial highlight with 10 vol to brighten the top.  After she was washed, and partially dried, I did a pravana red and wild orchid mixture, allowed to set for 30 minutes, and then wa-laaaaaa!  This beautiful, magical mermaid!


What’s in my Makeup Drawer?

Clients and friends ask me all the time what’s in my makeup drawer – what do YOU use? What do you like best?  I love answering these queries because I’m a huge makeup whore and yes, I’ve tried thousands of products by now, and I can tell you straight up, some things that are now staples in my makeup drawer.

#1 must have is my Benefit Porefessional Primer

– this stuff really does what it says.  Smoothing on a fine layer over moisturized skin makes any foundation or powder I use very flawless, obscuring my large pores, helping makeup stay in place ALL DAY.  Now you know how much I work. This stuff has to STAY.

I’d say #2 must have is my Tarte lash curler!

– opening up my eyes is MUST to keep me looking awake. I love this curler so much, it lasts for ages – a good 20 seconds on each eye and I’m lookin closer and closer to being a wide-eyed Bambi.

#3 is Urban Decay’s Intense Cream Eyeliner in PERVERSION. (blackest of black).

Isn’t that the best name ever?  hhaha  But it really does what it says, it’s very intense and will last all day, no smudging and does gorgeous job in the waterline to create those full on smokey lushes eyes.

Curious about a product? Ask it below and I’ll tell you how it worked – or didn’t work!  Boom baby!

Benefit Primer Makeup Artist Aimee J'Adore Aimee Jadore PDX Portland Makeup Picks Best Review
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Urban Decay Eyeliner Perversion Aimee J'Adore Aimee jadore Makeup artist How to Best Picks

The Naked Smokey Palette – A Must Have or Not?

Urban Decay Smokey Naked Eyeshadow Smokey Eye Makeup Artist How to Tutorial Aimee J'adore Aimee jadore
Urban Decay Smokey Naked Eyeshadow Smokey Eye Makeup Artist How to Tutorial Aimee J'adore Aimee jadore
Urban Decay Smokey Naked Eyeshadow Smokey Eye Makeup Artist How to Tutorial Aimee J'adore Aimee jadore

Ever since Urban Decay took the makeup world by storm with it’s Naked Palettes (1, 2 and 3, and don’t forget Naked Flushed and Naked Basics), they have finally released the new Naked SMOKEY Palette that I finally got my brushes into.  HERE’S a nitty gritty picky review so you can decide if it’s worth it for you.  (Cool, I’m rhyming, we are off to a great start)

First off, maybe you’d ask, do we really NEED another Urban Decay Naked palette at all?  When Naked 1 came out, it was all the rave because of the easy layout, the great intermixable colors, coming in all sorts of neutral sparkly shades that worked on everyone! Then came along Naked 2 which was also a good range of universal colors, with a few more matte shades yay (which was a complaint for me in Naked 1) and then there was the Naked 3 which fell pretty flat.  Naked 3 was all about the rose gold tones, which look BEAUTIFUL and amazing in the palette, but I felt, honestly, were not very universal.  Some can look downright unattractive on the wrong skin tones, so Naked 3 was a bit of a bummer to me.

BUT NOW! THE NAKED SMOKEY PALETTE! I was super excited to see this one; to see if Urban Decay could give us a palette of amazing smokey eyeshadows, full of depth and be universally flattering once again.  And I was not disappointed.

These shades really are gorgeous – the sparkly lighter shades are from left to right (starting with HIGH – a shimmery champanage to SLANTED – a silvery pewter) and then a deep gray (DAGGER) for those blending moments into a deep rich matte black (BLACK MARKET).  They included a beautiful dark amethyst next (SMOLDER) and then a lighter matte purple gray (PASSWORD) to blend everything into.  See that’s what I love.  They are finally taking in our feedback when we say we want the sparkly color for richness, but then we also need the matte tones for blending.         (Nobody wants sparkles in the crease.  That’s waaaaay too 80’s.)

Then in the final crowning glory, instead of adding a few more random super sparkle shades like they did in Naked 1 and 3, they added 3 more PERFECT matte shades to help with all the blending of your smokey eye.  If you want a seductive brown smokey eye (especially great for us blondes!), you now have this perfect dark brown (WHISKEY) and combine it with the matte peachy brown (COMBUST).  I love to mix dark browns with my black smokey eyes also because it adds so much more depth and beauty.  And lastly they have your most important color of all, in my opinion – a matte cream color, to blend out your inner lids, highlight the brow bone and use it to fix those spots where you just got too excited about over-blending all these awesome dark colors on your lids.  Now you don’t look like a panda bear. You’re welcome.

So all in all, honestly, I know there’s a million smokey eye palettes out there, and I’m definitely one to know (don’t look in my makeup drawers) but this one really stands out from the crowd.  It’s price tag is a bit ouchy ($54 US dollars on but considering it actually does have everyone a girl wants, you really won’t need another palette again! The pigments are rich and not chalky (a complaint from the Naked Basics palette), the case it comes in is a hard case, my favorite one so far (who else hated those furry cases the earlier Nakeds came in? They got COVERED in makeup and you couldn’t CLEAN THEM OFF), and they have a great range of sparkly vs mattes so that you can really go all in.


Aimee J’Adore pick?  YES.

Worth the price?  Yes, but I sure wish they’d go on sale sometimes.

Pros – You’ll be the belle of the ball with your newly acquired ease of making that sexy smokey eye with these rich pigments and no chalkiness in sight.  The hard case is easy to use, the mirror is large for on the go, and it comes with one of their wonderful double sided brushes for ease of applying.

Cons – You’ll have to hide the receipt from your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/parents because they won’t understand and will be like, You spent how much on EYESHADOWS? Don’t you already have a whole drawer full? They just don’t understand….

4 Mistakes Girls (and Guys!) make when flat-ironing! 1

You know when you go to the salon, and the stylist waves her shiny flat iron around and suddenly your frizzy, crazy hair is touchable, soft, shiny and AMAZING?  I can tell you straight off the bat, why you aren’t able to do this to yourself a home.  Ready? The secrets will be yours…

Numero Uno! Having a great straight look actually starts in the shower. Yep! You heard me! I’m sure you’ll roll your eyes when I talk about the importance of buying salon quality shampoos and conditioners, but my point is not about WHAT you are spending to have these, but on the WHY.  These products have a higher concentration of the pure wonderful ingredients that you need to have healthy shiny hair.  Cheap drugstore products might feel good in your wallet, but you can’t wear your wallet on your head.  (Well if you do, that’s just weird. Stop it.)   Having pure, sulfate free shampoo, with HYDRATING ingredients will smooth the hair cuticle down to help fight frizz from the get-go.  Applying your hydrating conditioner from the mid lengths down (NOT the top of your head! You don’t want an oily scalp do you?) will lock in that smooth cuticle.  One of my favorites is the Pureology Hydra Whip conditioner….it’s like a yummy, fruity whipped topping that your hair literally soaks up in happiness.  Mmmmm… people will be smelling your hair and smiling.

Second!  We do not just towel dry the hair, and then launch into blow drying immediately.  AHHHHHHH!!  Don’t!  DO USE a thermal heat protectant.  This helps with your blow drying, which then helps with your flat ironing. I have some girls tell me they air dry their hair, and then try to flat iron.  Or they blow dry it and then spray on some thermal protector spray and go to town with the flat iron.  This is just asking for more work, more heat, and more damage.  Always, always apply a thermal protectant spray to PROTECT your hair from the heat of blowdrying AND the heat of your flat iron.  My favorite is the Kenra Blow Dry Spray.  Everytime I spray it into a client’s hair – they get all misty eyed and tell me they feel like they are in Hawaii again. I don’t know why, but it makes people think of Hawaii.  It’s just yummy.  PLUS it’s won awards in the hairstyling world for being proven to cut your blow dry time in HALF.  I have seen it happen thousands of times before my very eyes.  So yeah, less time, less heat, less damage. BOOM.

Thirdly – You must blow dry your hair completely!!!  Yes.  It seems counterintuitive that you would apply more heat, to the frizzy (perhaps damaged!) parts of your hair.  But with the thermal protectant on it, you are safe.  If you DON’T dry your hair completely, you know as well as I that as soon as any type of humidity hit the hair cuticle, what does it do? It springs open.  In a nice frizzy mess.  Blowdrying your hair completely will cut down on the passes of the flat iron.  And THIS will save your hair from damage, and really make it look like you went to a professional.

Last but not least – Using the wrong heat setting for your hair! My favorite flat irons are ones with the knobs on them so you can see the temperature settings.  I hate the CHI flat irons because it just has like a little switch. That’s not helping??  Some flat irons just say Fine, Medium and Thick Hair.  Okay, so most of us can get away with using around 350-400 degrees.  Past 400 and you’re needing it for really thick, wavy hair.  Under 350 is for fine, damaged, or blonde hair!  Did you know you can accidently discolor your blonde hair by flat ironing it on too high of a setting?  Yep, you can. It’s called BURNING IT.  Don’t do it. And don’t break it off like that girl in the YouTube Video who tried to show us how to curl your hair.  I just felt so bad for her! Ouch!

By taking small sections, doing one or two passes, you can quickly give yourself a smooth, perfect look by following these rules.  Questions or comments? Post them below, I wanna hear it!

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Kenra Blow Dry Flat Iron Spray Aimee J'Adore Aimee Jadore Portland Hairstylist Straight Hair

Pure Enlightenment – the Balayage Kit 2

You’ve all heard about balayage – it’s that modern, effortlessly highlighted hair that everyone wants.  You read about it in every magazine, “ask your stylist for balayage highlights!”  And as stylists we know, we have to constantly be educating ourselves on the best products for the best results of this sought after look.

When #Pravana sent me their latest collab with Guy Tang (only one of the biggest Hollywood hair guru’s around) I was SUPER excited to try out their new Balayage kit.  #pravanabalayage  – Not only is Guy Tang one of my top 5 stylists I look up to and get education from, but I know that Guy Tang, being who he, would really and truly put his heart into a product that he’s collaborating on.  It’s not just slapping a name on something for him; I know that I can trust that he wants the best ingredients and products for stylists to give to our clients.

Opening the Balayage stylist kit is awesome – it comes with the Pravana Pure Light Lightener, the 3 different developers (Low, Med and High), the Balayage paddle, and 3 different sized brushes (a large, medium and small – small being purrrrfect for those around-the-face-sun-kisses)  Pravana also sent me all the new “Express Tones” toners to create dozens of different effects on the balayaged hair – I was so stoked! Thank you #Pravana !

Why not just use regular bleach instead?  This lightener is wonderful because it has the soothing effects of aloe, plus a keratin protein to help smooth and repair the hair as it’s being lightened.  Plus the most important factor is that this is a clay-based lightener.  When regular bleach lightener is placed on the hair, we have to place it in between foils to keep the bleach wet so that it stays activated.  When it dries out, it stops working.  With this clay lightener, it creates a hard protective barrier around the hair shaft, and actually keeps the INSIDES moisturized and active – without the use of foils or heat.  That’s how we can create the beauty of hand painted highlights, without the cumbersome foils in our way.  Wahooo!

After a few test rounds, I was excited to use the kit on my client Taylor who was coming in for a beautiful blonde ombre.  She said she’d gone to other stylists, but was never happy with the outcome.  She said her hair always came out to orange, or brassy and never bright blonde enough.  I knew hair magic was going to happen!

Once Taylor was in my chair, I could see we had a lot of work to do.  The ends were a brassy orange, the blonde never quite looking “blonde”, and there was 2-3 inches of natural growth with 3-4 inches of a dyed brunette.  To get Taylor to the bombshell balayage look she wanted, I knew I would be using the hairpainting balayage method (see pic to the right).  This would bump her dyed brunette areas to a soft blonde, and her natural growth would bump up just a bit to soften the line.  Then we needed to brighten the bottom to a beautiful beige blonde without causing damage on her previously lightened ends.  You see, it’s not only about creating the look client’s want, but keeping the integrity of her hair.  I wanted to do everything possible to keep all that beautiful length of Taylor’s gorgeous length!

Mixing the lightener to the correct measurements (that is KEY with this clay based lightener), I applied the lightener in triangular sections and using deep v’s of lightener to create the balayage signature look.  After processing for 40 minutes, I applied the Ash and Natural (1:1) Express Tones to the hair to soften her now bright blonde ends to that beautiful beige blonde.  After about 5 minutes, we shampooed, conditioned and dried her to a gorgeous finish.

WHA-LAAAA!  Her hair was balayaged to perfection, these cascading blonde waves saying it all! I loved using this lightener and I will be using it again and again.  Stylists – have you gotten your kit yet and tried it?  Was your experience the same?  Post your comments below!  GIRLS and GUYS! If you want a beautiful balayage experience, tell your stylist they have to get their hands on this!  Send them to my blog to read and see for themselves! It’s awesome!

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HairPainting Balayage Aimee J'Adore Aimee Jadore Guy Tang Pravana Pure Enlightenment Hairstylist PDX Portland Salon
Hair Painting Balayage Aimee J'Adore Aimee Jadore Portland PDX Salon Before and After Guy Tang Pravana Pure Enlightenment
Hair Painting Balayage Aimee J'Adore Aimee Jadore Portland PDX Salon Before and After Guy Tang Pravana Pure Enlightenment