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Rose Gold – the IT color for Fall

I’m sure you’ve all been following the unicorn trends – and this fall 2015 is pointing its way straight to ROSE GOLD.  What IS rose gold?  It can’t be too pink, or too gold.  It’s the elusive, most sought after color of the season.  And I got to do it on my client, Nikki today!

rose gold before aimee j'adore jadore

Nikki came in with 3-4 inches of natural hair, having been several months since her last highlight.  Her mid-to ends were a warm golden blonde from all the summer sun.  So I did a full foil highlight with BlondeMe+20 vol, applied in sections from nape to crown.  This is our “mid” photo – I’m so bad about forgetting the “first” photo!

Once we got to this point, it was time to apply the  rose gold!  With Nikki’s hair already being a warm golden blonde, this was the perfect place to layer our rose gold into it.  If her hair was lightened to (say a level 10-12) very light blonde, it would have been too blonde, and not had enough foundation for the deep rose blush we need.  Having a warm blonde base creates the perfect step to rose gold.  It’s GOLD! 🙂

After I shampooed and conditioned, blowdried – we took this pic and then set about the final step.  I used schwarzkopf Igora 9.5-18 with 10 vol for about 20-30 minutes, no heat. Applied scalp to ends, thoroughly!

Rose gold hair aimee jadore j'adore salon portland pravana

Once our time was up, I shampooed, conditioned and blow dried again, a bit of trim, style and BOOM.  This gorgeous blush of the rose! It’s almost blonde in some lights, and in others’ all these rose tones shine!  Have you tried doing a rose gold yet? Leave your comments below!

I “Heart” Bangs

I Heart Bangs – or just Heart Bangs! I don’t think I’m doing this right…

How cute are these beautiful ladies from Korea?  Apparently it’s been a sweet trend to cute up your selfies with these Heart shaped Bangs!  We’ve all fallen for the sugary-sweet-make-hearts with your hands to tell your bae you love him (hey baby! <3) or stretching out your heart shaped fingertips up at a music concert to proclaim your love for New Directions (what? I didn’t say that!) But now you can sweeten up your selfie with – Heart Bangs.  Could you rock this super sweet trend?  I could definitely see it picking up with the unicorn haired ladies out there!  Why not?

#HairInspiration  Maybe not for an everyday look, but why not try it on your next selfie on IG to bring a smile to someone’s day!

I tried to do it, but…..I think I’ll leave it to these lovely ladies 🙂



New Trend in the Hair World – Colorombre

Rocking unicorn hair is one of my favorite topics and now I’m seeing that one of the newest haircolor trends is the “Colorombre”.  Have you guys seen this one? It’s different from the “Sand Art” unicorn coloring – instead of doing all those luscious colors from top to bottom, the Colorombre leaves the top of your hair a dark, natural shade, and only the mid shaft through the ends is done in rainbow amazing-ness.  I’d say yay to less root touch ups right?!

Apparently Hollywood hair guru Danny Moon (who did Nicole Ritche’s lovely lavender hair), is doing Colorombre’s left and right with Pravana’s new Locked In Colors. These direct dyes go over bleached platinum blonde hair, with a gel-like consistency so that they can be painted on, in pieces, WITHOUT bleeding all over eachother.  Right on! You heard me! All stylists are raving about the fact that when they wash their client’s hair in the shampoo bowl, the water runs CLEAR.  Even with the dark VIOLET (the kiss of death for white bathtubs) and even the REDS (who will miss their murder-scene shower?)  For us unicorn hair lovers, these are like a gift sent from heaven.

I’m so excited to try these new colors – Pravana sent me my set while I was away on vacay and now that I’m back I’m itching to try them!!! I’ll show you my Colorombre model soon, but for now, check out Danny Moon’s pics from is Insta for inspiration.  Love it!!!


Can you really tan in the shower?

St. Tropez Gradual Tan

Hey, want to get a tan while you’re showering?

When I first read about this new product by St. Tropez (the ultimate tanning peeps), I was completely skeptical. How could you get a tan, while you’re in the shower? Showering? WITH WATER? Wouldn’t that like, rinse it off? Aren’t you NOT SUPPOSED TO GET WET? WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE WORLD! I DON’T UNDERSTAND!!

So as I’m sure you can imagine, I hightailed it to my nearest Sephora to go check it out myself. It’s called Gradual Tan “In Shower”, the in showering tanning lotion. Mkay…. (pursed lips…mmm hmmm. Really!)

I got home and read the directions – yadda yadda, get a natural looking tan, streak free, no orange, no bad smells. Okay. So you get in the shower, and wash your body, exfoliate with a good scrub like you would a regular spray tan or lotion tan. Directions then say turn off the water, and take a handful of the lotion – while you’re still wet – and rub it all over your body. Then you’re supposed to stand there for 3 minutes, then turn the shower back on, and rinse it off, and get out of the shower, and go about your happy-go-lucky day. It says to do this everyday in the shower until you’ve reached your desired level of tan-ness.

Okay simple enough! I hopped in, exfoliated, and got ready to apply. But then I realized something. I have to stand in the shower? Without the water on? For 3 MINUTES? I’m gonna get cold….I don’t know if you’re like me or not (maybe I’m just a cold blooded unicorn, right?) But I get cold very easily, and standing wet and cold in the shower, for even just 3 minutes, put a frown on my face. So what I did, is I just pushed the showerhead away from my body and left a little space in the shower where I could stand without getting wet, but also where I could easily watch the clock. This way the steam from the hot water at least would continue to warm me, and I wouldn’t have to endure 3 endless minutes of wet shivering. ( #firstworldproblems)

I will note as well, that the directions do say, DO NOT GO OVER 3 MINUTES. I don’t know if something really, really, bad will happen, like your skin will start to wrinkle or turn orange like a carrot, or that Justin Beiber might appear, rapping in your bathroom, but I followed the rules to a T just in case.

It was very easy to apply and with the creaminess of the lotion and the water still on the skin, it made it simple to see that you couldn’t give yourself streaks as long as you went over every inch of you. There was a slight tanning smell, but nothing really to give a pause about. I stood there, waiting for the clock to hit 3 minutes, counting my toes and re-rubbing my arms and legs to make sure I had applied it evenly enough. DING! we were done, and I rinsed off, and hopped out of the shower and toweled off.

I swore when I got out, that it looked like I was actually a little more tan. Say whaaaaat? It seems impossible to me that I could tan in 3 minutes, so I decided it must be my mind playing tricks on me. Every hour after that, I checked my skin, and to my surprise and delight, it actually was working! There WAS an actual tan glow that seemed to get a little darker as the evening went on. Tanning in the shower! Winning!

The next day, I did it again when I had my usual shower. Same thing, same everything as the day went on. I actually looked like I was getting more tan! This stuff actually works! MINDBLOWN.

I used it three days in a row, and by the third day I looked like I had a perfectly even, light brown tan. WHAT THE HELL! This is a miracle for us who hate having that sticky tanning lotion on for 8 hours, or 6 hours, or even my recent favorite the 1-2-3 hour express tans. I noticed a bit of a tanning smell by the third day that lingers a bit, but if that’s the only thing it has, I’d say this is the best tanning revolutionary product I’ve seen in ages. All in all, I’d say try it for yourself. Leave a comment below of your take on it. What did you think?

Aimee J’Adore Pick? YES

Worth the price? It was $25 (US Dollars), which is a bit spendy for how much and how often you use it, but weighing the pros and cons, it could be totally worth it to you.

Pros – No need to wait long hours for a tan to develop, easy application, you don’t need one of those weird mitts, no orange color, not much of a smell, only 3 minutes in the shower! Gradual, buildable light, natural golden color.

Cons – For us weaklings, 3 minutes in the shower can be difficult, but I figured out the method to tough it out. Price wise to how much you would use it, could get a bit spendy to keep up with your new tanning addiction. May not get as dark, dark tan as some girls need.

The link to check it out yourself at!